V3 Edition Replica Rolex Day-Date 118135/118138/118139 with Clone ETA 2836-2 904L Stainless Steel Case

Nine distinct models have been unveiled, each featuring a unique dial color and leather strap variation. The most recent V3 edition showcases notable improvements. Manufactured by the DD factory, these watches ensure uniformity in case size and thickness by incorporating a clone ETA 2836-2 movement.

Maintaining authenticity, the connection between the case and strap mimics the genuine construction. The leather band’s reverse side displays the identical “346763” numbering found on authentic models, complete with matching font color and stitching.

Enhancing security measures, the sapphire crystal now incorporates a new anti-fake Crown Logo seamlessly integrated into the crystal itself. The back of the four lugs on white stainless steel, golden, and rose gold models bears distinct symbolic engravings.

Staying true to the authentic design, the case exhibits a subtle degree of curvature on the side, with consistent thickness. The Day-Date series, often regarded as the quintessential representation of golden Rolex timepieces, traces its roots back to the President model. This association stems from the fact that the golden Replica Rolex Day-Date has been a favored choice among American Presidents. Summing up the watch’s features in six words: waterproof, automatic, day, date, 904L, and ample stock, encapsulates its distinctive attributes.

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