Clean Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 116506 Ice Blue with Super Clone 4130 Movement

Clean factory has finally released this Rolex replica watch, with the previous ice blue version featuring diamond hour markers. Some have claimed that the 116506 ice blue Daytona has been available from Clean since December 2023, but Clean only produced a limited number each time, distributing them to a specific dealer with an international sales network. Now, anyone can order this Daytona from Clean.

Prior to Clean, two other factories had made replicas of this Daytona: BT and New Noob, the latter being a studio opened by a relative of the original Noob. While many might prefer the Clean version, the BT version is also of high quality, as both use the same movement. However, they are significantly better than the version from New Noob factory. I recently received the watch from Clean and haven’t yet compared it to the BT version, but I plan to do a comparison review in the future. Nevertheless, I can confirm that the dial finish, particularly the sunray blasting finish on the Clean, is superior to BT. In terms of super clone Rolex, Clean has the best dial finish. As for the ice blue color, I’m not certain which one is closer to the genuine, as there might be slight color differences, which is normal. Purchasing this Daytona replica from BT factory is also a good option, especially since they recently lowered the prices of all Daytona models. However, BT cannot compete with Clean in terms of super clone Daytona quality, so reducing prices is not an effective strategy.

The replica is powered by a super clone 4130 movement, which has been used successfully for many years in super clone watches. This movement’s stability surpasses almost all other automatic movements used in Fake Rolex watches. You can confidently use the chronograph feature without worrying about any movement issues. I hope Clean will soon produce the new ice blue Daytona watch with a crystal back.

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