New Replica Rolex Day-Date with Brand New Clone Rolex 3255 Movement – A Great Milestone

After the March 2015 Basel World event, Rolex introduced their newly developed Cal. 3255 movement, which they incorporated into their Day-Date series. In the replica watch industry, a cloned version of the Rolex 3255 movement has been researched and is now available for enthusiasts interested in 1:1 Rolex Day-Date replicas.

For a detailed introduction to the Cal. 3255 movement, Rolex has provided comprehensive information. As of now, the Rolex 3255 movement is exclusively utilized in the Day-Date series, an advanced collection known for its inclusion of various precious metal models, contributing to their elevated pricing.

Two examples of Rolex Day-Date models featuring the Cal. 3255 movement are the M228206, crafted from Platinum .

While Rolex’s official website showcases 263 different Day-Date models, the replica watch market boasts nearly 3000 variations of Day-Date replicas. The accompanying images depict a model not found in the genuine Day-Date category, as it combines the case and bracelet of the Day-Date 40mm, the dial of the M228206, and the bezel of the M228239. Due to these modifications, the exact reference number of this replica watch cannot be found in the authentic Day-Date collection.

Regarding the craftsmanship of the cloned Rolex 3255 movement, the factory drew upon its experience in replicating the Omega 8500 and 9300. The approach involved adding an extra layer to the movement plate, building upon the standard ETA 2836, and subsequently replacing the 2836’s auto rotor with a new one. This meticulous process results in a movement that closely resembles the genuine Rolex 3255. Presented here are some images showcasing the details of the movement.

This article begins by presenting several photos of the replica Rolex Day-Date 40mm featuring the newly developed Clone Rolex 3255 movement. To conclude, I would like to share some wrist shots with you.

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