The Rolex President ref. 118235

The Rolex Day-Date is the flagship masterpiece of the world’s most famous watchmaker, earning it a commonly used nickname due to its unique strap style. The President bracelet uses three semi-circular links, which adds just the right sense of sophistication to this timepiece. It has always been the first choice of many outstanding people in various fields. When we ordinary people also want to own this watch, replica Watch manufacturers took advantage of this opportunity and launched a replica Rolex Day-Date.

Nonetheless, as is characteristic of Rolex creations, the Replica Day-Date is a versatile model that can undergo a dramatic transformation in appearance and character by simply replacing a single component. For example, replacing the President bracelet with a flat-link Oyster bracelet instantly gives the watch a more relaxed and casual vibe. Reference number 118235 is the perfect example of this remarkable adaptability.

The original Rolex President made its debut in 1956 as the first waterproof and self-winding wristwatch to feature a display of both the date and the day of the week, with the latter written out in full. Since its inception, the model has exclusively been crafted from precious metals, offering options in three hues of solid gold or the opulent allure of platinum.

Much like its contemporary, the Datejust, the President has been endowed with a bewildering array of dial and bezel combinations, bracelet variations, and hour markers, ensuring there was always a version to suit every taste.

Furthermore, akin to the Datejust, the fundamental design of the Day-Date has undergone minimal changes during its more than six decades of prominence. The unadorned tonneau-shaped case, the crown without guards, the gracefully sweeping lugs, and the Cyclops-covered date window at the three o’clock position have remained steadfast features throughout its extensive history.

The Rolex Day-Date reference 118XXX series is no longer in production, but replica Rolex Day-Date reference 118XXX series  is also in production having been manufactured from 2000 until it was succeeded by the current references in 2019. However, it utilized the same movement as the previous generation, the Caliber 3155, which introduced the convenience of the Double Quickset. This advancement meant that instead of having to adjust both calendar functions by advancing the main hands through a full 24-hour cycle, users could easily set the date by pulling the crown to its second position and turning it clockwise to change the date or counter-clockwise to adjust the day of the week displayed at 12 o’clock.

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