New Q Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date Watches with Ombre Dial

Ahead of GM, Q Factory just published replicas of three Day-Date watches that were unveiled by Rolex in 2024. It looks like Q Factory wants to do something big, and we’ll see if they can beat GM in this area. We know GM was the first factory to make replica Rolex Day-Date watches with increased weight, with the first edition around 146 grams. Their latest edition now exceeds 170 grams. The three new Day-Date replicas made by Q Factory each weigh more than 183 grams, bringing them closer to the weight of genuine watches.

I do not know how Q Factory increases the weight of the Day-Date watch. They wouldn’t use more tungsten steel in the case and bracelet because this would affect the polishing. The length of the bracelet is also the same as that of the Day-Date from GM factory, so why is the Day-Date made by Q Factory heavier than that of GM factory? Each of the three Day-Date watches has an ombre dial in grey, green, and blue, with the center colored and the edge darker. The finish of the replicas is satisfactory, especially on the bracelet, where the polishing on the middle links contrasts sharply with the brushed links on both sides. The golden color appears correct, but I am concerned about the gold fading if the factory added too much tungsten in the case and bracelet. Like GM, Q Factory uses the clone ETA 2836 movement in the watch, but GM factory offers another movement option, the clone 3255.

Additionally, Q Factory’s decision to replicate the 2024 Day-Date models ahead of other manufacturers indicates their ambition to lead the market. Their attention to detail, particularly in achieving a weight closer to the genuine watches, demonstrates a commitment to quality and authenticity that might give them an edge over GM. If Q Factory continues to innovate and improve their replicas, they could set a new standard in the replica watch industry.

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