1:1 Replica Rolex Day-Date President 118238 Ultimate Buying Guide

The 1:1 Replica Rolex Day-Date wristwatch, fondly referred to as the Rolex Presidential watch, holds a revered status in the luxury watch world, boasting its distinctive nickname, bracelet, and celebrity endorsement. Since its debut in 1956, the Day-Date has been a trailblazer in the watch industry, being the first timepiece to prominently display both the date and day of the week in full via windows on the dial.

Over its illustrious history, the classic 36mm Replica Rolex Day-Date has seen various improvements. Among its notable iterations is the reference 118238 Rolex President, introduced in the early 2000s. While the Day-Date’s overall aesthetic has remained largely unchanged, the generation associated with the ref. 118238 represents one of the most significant departures since Rolex’s transition to synthetic sapphire crystals from pie-pan dials in the 1970s. Many collectors view the Day-Date 118238 as a pivotal moment in the model’s evolution towards its contemporary form.

For enthusiasts considering adding one of these iconic Rolex watches to their collection, exploring our guide to the Rolex reference 118238 provides a comprehensive understanding of its history, features, and significance in the realm of luxury replica watches.

The replica Rolex President ref. 118238 marked the inception of the first yellow gold 6-digit Day-Date watch, entering the scene in 2000 as the successor to the preceding Day-Date ref. 18238. However, this particular reference has been discontinued to pave the way for the current yellow gold Day-Date 36 ref. 128238. While these replica references share a similar design, they introduce an array of distinct features, ranging from the movement that powers the watch to subtle nuances in the case and bracelet. Let’s delve into what sets the replica Rolex Day-Date 118238 apart.

Distinguished by broader lugs with a completely high-polished finish, the reference 118238 presents a larger and more substantial presence on the wrist compared to earlier Day-Date models. The inclusion of a President bracelet, composed entirely of solid links, adds weight to the watch. Notably, the replica ref. 118238 boasts an upgraded concealed folding clasp, known as the Crownclasp, enhancing security, comfort, and on-wrist aesthetics. When Rolex introduced the current ref. 128238, the broader proportions of the case from the ref. 118238 underwent refinement, resulting in a more understated profile on the wrist. For those who appreciate a slightly sportier and robust case, the Day-Date 118238 is a fitting choice.

Similar to its predecessor, the replica Rolex ref. 118238 features a Twinlock screw-down winding crown, a screw-down caseback, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal above the dial. These features collectively contribute to the water resistance of up to 100 meters (330 feet). Another distinctive element is the engraved rehaut on the 6-digit model, bearing the repeated inscription, “ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX,” along with the watch’s unique serial number, serving as an added anti-counterfeit measure. These characteristics seamlessly carry over to the current generation ref. 128238, solidifying their status as hallmark traits of contemporary replica Rolex watches.

While the replica Rolex Day-Date 36 ref. 118238 retains the Caliber 3155 movement found in earlier versions, those manufactured from 2015 onwards boast Rolex’s new Superlative Chronometer accuracy rating of -2/+2 seconds per day, along with a five-year guarantee. Powering the watch is the in-house replica Rolex Cal. 3155, which drives the center hour, minute, and seconds hands, as well as the instantaneous date and day windows. Notably, the Day-Date ref. 118238 also features the Double Quickset function and hack-seconds capability.

In earlier Rolex Day-Date references, changing the day and date on the watch required manually rotating the center hands past midnight. However, in the late 1970s, Rolex introduced its first quickset functionality with the Day-Date 18038. These Single Quickset movements allowed for autonomous adjustment of the date but lacked independent adjustment for the day of the week.

Subsequently, with the debut of the ref. 18238, Rolex introduced the Caliber 3135 movement and the Double Quickset feature, enabling wearers to independently change both the day and date from the time. Rather than rotating the hands around the dial, users can simply adjust the date by turning the winding crown in a secondary setting position, either towards the 12-hour marker for the date or towards the 6-hour marker for the day. This elegant and efficient Double Quickset function remains a hallmark of Rolex watches to this day.

Additionally, the hacking function, also known as stop seconds, allows users to halt the seconds hand when pulling out the crown to set the time. This feature offers numerous benefits, particularly for precise time setting to synchronize with sources like atomic clocks or other watches.

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